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The historic Alton Mill is in the village of Alton, in the rolling hills of Caledon, Ontario, just fifty minutes northwest of downtown Toronto. Discover more about the story of the building and the people behind it in this video and on the page below. For more about its new life and the people and activities who now animate the Mill, go to the Visit page or click here for a directory of all our artists, artisans, shops & services.


The conversion from a derelict building to an arts centre was a long and arduous process. Read the story of how the mill came to be as it is today and the people behind it.

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 People are amazed and delighted when they come to visit the mill. Check out what they have to say.

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Unlock the History

Alton was settled in the mid-1800s to take advantage of the power of Shaw's Creek. Built in 1881, the Alton Mill was one of eight mills eventually established in the village. After surviving several disasters and passing through a number of owners over the years, it is now one of the only two mills which remain. Find out more about the history of Alton and the mill.

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Glimpse the Future

Seaton Group's original vision for the mill is still not complete. Plans are still afoot to rehabilitate the millpond, to rebuild the Annex and Livery, as well as introduce a full restaurant and patio overlooking the pond.

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