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The historic mill pond is a prominent feature of the Alton Mill site and is highly visible from the main street of the village. However the creation of the pond by damming Shaw’s Creek created negative consequences for fish habitat (warming the water and blocking spawning routes). Siltation of the pond is detracting from its visual and recreational utility and work is required on the dam and retaining walls.

The non-profit Alton Millpoond Association has been established with the aim of rehabilitating the dam and pond  while improving the fish habitat and making the pond a stellar recreational amenity for the general public. The AMA has completed a master plan and obtained funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation to complete the detailed design and permitting, which is well underway. For more information or to help in the Committee's fundraising efforts, go to its website .


The existence of the millpond and dam creates a rare opportunity for micro-hydro generation. The historic turbine/power take-off and hydro-electric system is not able to be re-used in a cost-effective or energy-efficient manner.

One aspect of the many objectives of the Millpond Rehabiliation project is to restore at least a demonstration-scale micro-hydro power turbine.



Plans are underway for a year-round destination restaurant at the Alton Mill that highlights the region's local food and beverage producers.

  It will occupy the space now housing the Pond Gallery and the abutting unit. Diners will have great views of the pond via the sliding glass doors from the main space and from a patio overlooking the waterfall.

We are also planning to cover the stone walled Annex with a permanent roof to extend the use of this 4,000 sq. ft. event space for more art shows, conferences, banquets and weddings.