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Cuisine Art 2011

July 18, 2011

Cuisine-Art fell on a stunning (not to mention scorching) weekend this year. Chefs worked their magic on the grill, creating mouthwatering dishes that all lined up to sample. Art & Drink Pairings had everyone wandering the Mill, glasses in hand, eager to 'Pick their Perfect Pair'. The Marketplace invited guests to shop among the unique and delicious offerings of local farmers and business owners. The Humber River Shakespeare Company delighted with their fantastic performances of The Comedy of Errors. All in all the weekend could not have gone better and everyone went home with their appetites for Art, Excellent Food & Drink and entertainment thoroughly quenched!

Millpond Rehabilitation Project

A total of $2,443 was raised during Cuisine Art for the Millpond Rehabilitation Fund - amazing considering most of it came a Toonie at a time! Thanks to all who helped make it happen particularly the chefs who donated their time and fantastic food.

Art & Drink Paring Results

The ballots from the Art & Drink Pairings have been counted and the favourite pair was CJ Shelton's Spirit Tree which depicted an Oak tree releasing the spirit on a still, moonlit night. It was paired with the Estate Reserve by Spirit Tree Cidery.

A close second was Margi Taylor's mixed media painting By the Pond, which was paired with Masotinna's Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore, supplied by the Wine Coaches. Third place, also close, was a pottery mug by Ann Randeraad that was paired with Wellington County Brewery's Special Pale Ale.