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Images from "Femmes Musicales"

March 07, 2015

February 27th saw the fourth ever Culture Cafe unfold into FEMMES MUSICALES, a musical evening in celebration of the female voice. Painting the night with song in front of a room full of appreciative listeners were local singer/songwriters Erin Bolton, Hannah Chapplain, Nicole Robertson and Sue Smith. We were treated to indie soul, alternative rock, heartfelt pop, and down low blues by these multi-talented and unique young women. 
Culture Cafe is a regular program at the Alton Mill Arts Centre where all things arts and culture are explored and celebrated. Hop on the mailing list to hear about upcoming events, including an evening devoted to the culture of politics (minus the backbiting), a one-act play about aging entitled Assisted Living, and… wait for it… a genuine Steampunk party (Don't know what that is? Google it!). 
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