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Welcoming Loom Studio

May 27, 2021

We are thrilled to welcome a new tenant into studio #211, Loom Studio. Loom Studio,founded and run by fashion and textile artist Johana Cordero, will focus entirely on weaving and textiles and will serve as a space to immerse oneself into the world of this vast and intriguing craft.

Johana is a graduate from Sheridan College and NSCAD University where she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion and Textile Studies. Johana joins us with 8 years of teaching experience and 14 years experience within her craft. She is sure to be a wonderfully valuable resource to our community.

At Loom, various classes and workshops will be offered that explore both traditional and experiemental weaving techniques both on an off the loom, and will be available for all levels whether you have never set eyes on a loom in your life or you are an experienced weaver. Classes will be offered as private one-on-one sessions or as groups, and it will also be possible to book as events such as birthday parties or corporate team-building events.

Some classes that are regularly offered include classic weaving techniques such as creating woven rugs or blankets on the loom, and range to unconventional methods like circular weaving with found botanical objects. Loom has their classes with previous examples of student work listed on their website.

During COVID and with the ongoing lockdowns, Loom has been primarily offering classes virtually over video but with the upcoming summer weather approaching they hope to soon offer outdoor classes as well as indoor classes once restrictions are lifted. 

Loom also has equipment and materials available and even offer loom rentals. Basically, all of your weaving needs are now in one place! When we reopen next month, be sure to pop up to the second floor and visit the new studio and see for yourself the creative magic that awaits.