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New Artists!

September 14, 2021

Johana Cordero is the founder of Loom Studio and a textile and fashion artist. She is a graduate of Sheridan College and NSCAD University where she received her Bachelor of Fine Art in Textile & Fashion studies. She brings 8 years of teaching experience and 14 years to her own craft.

Loom Studio started as her own personal studio space where she could grow her weaving practice. Her work centers around experimentation, education, and one-of-a-kind commission-based pieces. She continues to expand her range of classes and diversifies her teaching abilities with every wonderful student she meets.

At Loom, you can immerse yourself in the world of handmade textile arts. Johana helps to start your journey by learning from dedicated and passionate teachers. Through classes designed for all levels of learning and a personalized learning experience, you will fall in love with weaving. You can also find quality weaving equipment, tools and curated fibres for all your weaving needs.
Visit Joana in the Loom Studio on the second floor in Studio 211, and learn more about classes and workshops online at




Jason Duclos is a bladesmith who originally started his craft as a hobby, using the skills and basic tools acquired from work in a wide range of fields such fabricating, butchering, auto mechanics, construction trades etc.

His specialty is one-of-a-kind knives, from Japanese-style kitchen knives and 'fantasy'/hunting knives to display pieces. He has been creating these knives for over 10 years and was a member of the Canadian knifemaker's guild from 2014-2016. He uses premium blade steel for high end knives and recycled springs for lower-priced 'craft' pieces.

He maintains sole-authorship of his knives, hand-making every component and fitting. Steel is forged and freehand ground, bolsters pommels and fittings are forged or carved from solid metal, pins and ferrules are hand-made, and the fancy wood for handles is often harvested locally and then stabilized. He also makes his own composite materials from silk or carbon fibre and epoxy resin. An average sized belt-knife of this type can often take 50 hours or more just to polish the blade.

Lately, he has been expanding my skills into traditional blacksmithing and sculpture, working with copper and non-ferrous metals. Fancy-grade hammers, door hardware, decor items and jewelry.

More work is currently underway at the forge, which includes specialty blacksmithing hammers, jewelry, small-forged items and experimental work.

Visit Jason in the Livery, and learn more online at

  Lydia Panart is an abstract artist and educator who graduated in Architecture from the National University of Buenos Aires. Following architectural practice, Lydia developed her professional artistic career under the mentorship of renowned Argentinean master Kenneth Kemble.

She is an active Toronto-based artist nominated in 2016 for the TD Bank’s “10 Most Influential Hispanic Canadians”, and has participated in national and international art exhibits.    

Although she is recognized as an abstract artist, she also enjoys teaching a wide variety of subject matter, and landscapes is one of them. The artworks available to order are mostly inspired by our Canadian environments, with the addition of abstracted settings reflecting her personal feelings and response to nature.

Starting Oct. 1, you can visit Lydia on the second floor in Studio 213, or learn more about her classes and workshops online at