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Vice Versa

June 08, 2016

The Bartlett Gallery presents Vice Versa - the coming together of two artists, sharing their interpretation of the human expression, and lack thereof, within the urban, man-made systems. Using paintings and photography to tell a story, Delgado and Usquiano explore themes of subtle human expressions in our modern system and at the same time highlighting the rejection, or lack of that same expression.

Carlos' work "Being Human in the System" brings the viewer into the everyday, mundane systems of public spaces and urban transportation to ask where and how do we find those subtle expressions of human nature. 

Alex's work "I Am Not Here", on the other hand, explores the experience of human expression disappearing within our modern urban systems and structures.  

First time showing their work together, Carlos and Alex hope to spark the conversation in Vice Versa about these two co-existing and seemingly paradoxical perspectives of human beings in an urban environment.  

Show dates: June 8th - July 4th 2016

Opening reception: Sunday, June 12. 2-4pm.