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The Maze Project & A Distant Memory 2

April 14, 2018

Just in time for "Get Your Celtic On!" our Spring Open House weekend (May 5-6), two evocative projects by sculptural artist Fiona Legg are coming to the grounds of the Alton Mill. Fiona Legg is a finalist of the Canadian Sculpture Competition (2016; 2018), the student award winner for the Elora Sculpture Project (2016) and a participating artist in the Elora Sculpture Project (2018). Her artwork has previously been displayed at the Alton Mill as part of the 2017 Headwaters Arts Festival juried show and sale. 

The Maze Project

The Maze Project comes to the Mill after being commissioned by Tangled Art + Disability and receiving critical acclaim. The work is built in an unusual tetrahedron shape, and made of wood. The busy, complicated facade reflects Legg's own experiences navigating the mental health system while the interior of the maze "is more organic and soothing, and represents a hope that the future will provide more accessible assistance, and treatment that has real functional outcomes."

The Alton Mill presents The Maze Project with thanks to generous exhibition assistance from the Ontario Arts Council

A Distant Memory 2 (2018)

A Distant Memory in mild steel (2018) is, in the artist's words, "a predictive piece, set at a time where the bee has long been extinct and memories about what the bee was have started to fade. However, people are struggling to survive and rue the time when they could have prevented the extinction and did not do so. The word BEWAIL is cut out of the top of the sculpture."