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Joanne Lomas

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    Joanne is long time resident of the Simcoe County area. She currently resides in Alliston, Ontario. A BFA graduate with honours from Georgian College and Thompson Rivers University she is able to devote all her time to exploring and making art.

     In whichever media she chooses Joanne looks to mundane images in her immediate surroundings to connote her perspectives of comfort, discomfort and the uncanny. She reinterprets the banal experiences of everyday life, sometimes with an unconventional depiction. The works she creates may appear distorted and abstracted. They explore other dimensions in sight and time. Though much of what she creates has an unconventional feel she is also an avid En Plein Air painter of more traditional scenes.



    Current/Upcoming Exhibitions



    Double Door Gallery 

    Anten Mill

    Saturday July 28th to Sunday August 12th




    Municipal Art Project

    Town of the Blue Mountains

    May 2017 to May 2018





  • CV

    2015 - 2018

    Solo Exhibitions

    2017 "Alternate Views" Falls Gallery, Alton Mill,ON

    2015 "Mouse in House" Art in House, Barrie, ON

    Juried Exhibitions

    2018 "MAP" Town of the Blue Mountains ON

    2018 "Synergy" Headwaters Art Gallery Alton Mill

    2017 "Quest's 13th Annual Juried Exhibition"  Midland ON

    2017 "Raising the Bar(n), Anten MIlls, ON

    2017 "Painting 2017" Toronto, ON

    2017 " Arts on the Main" Alliston, ON

    2017 "MAP" Town of the Blue Mountains, ON

    2017 "Paint Ontario 2017", Grand Bend, ON

    2017 'Prelude" Headwaters Arts Gallery, Alton Mill, ON

    2017 "Fabrication III" Midland, ON

    2016 "McMichael Canadian Art Collection, En Plein Air, 50 Years" Kleinberg, ON

    2016 "Carmichael Canadian Landscape Exhibition" Orillia, ON

    2016 "Lyrical" Mad and Noisy, Creemore, ON

    2016 "BMFA 36th Annual Juried Art Show" Collingwood, ON

    2015 "Fabrications 2nd Juried Textile Exhibition" Midland, ON

    2015 "Considered 11th Annual Juried Exhibition" Midland, ON

    Group Exhibitions

    2018 "Sova" Gallery Hittite, Toronto ON

    2018 "Painting with the Past" Double Doors, Anten Mills, ON

    2018 "Best of SOVA" Joseph D. Carrier, Toronto ON

    2018 "Portals" Quest Midland ON

    2017 "The Elusive Horizon" Double Doors, Anten Mills,ON

    2017 "Painting with the Past" Thornbury, ON

    2017 "Member's Salon" Midland, ON

    2017 "Alignment" First Floor Gallery, Barrie, ON

    2017 "Pushing Nature" Midland, ON

    2017 Bradford West Gwillimbury Library, Bradford, ON

    2017 "New Year, New Work" Midland, ON

    2016 "Transformation-An Altered Book Exhibition" Halton Hills, ON

    2016 "Painting Ignition Pop-Up" Georgian College, Barrie, ON

    2015 "Best in Snow" Georgian College, Barrie, ON

    2015 "Souvenir" Double Doors, Anten Mills, ON



    PRNT Collective


    Quest School and Gallery

    Headwaters Arts






  • Classes & Workshops

    Gel Image Transfer

    Turn your favourite photographs into treasured pieces of art.

    In this workshop we will transform your chosen photographs by transferring a copy of your original photo to a surface and applying multiple layers of acrylic paint and gel medium. You may also collage various photographs on one piece. It is a fairly free exploration of colour, texture and image. Be as adventurous as you feel. This process does not always result in a “perfect” transfer of the image, but that is the beauty of chance.

    All materials will be provided, you just have to decide on the photographs and take some thought as to how you might like to change or add to the image. What colours? What images might work together? Textures? Shapes? I will be available to help with decisions along the way.

    It will be a 3 hour workshop, limited to 3 participants, with materials included.


    Cost is $75 per person.

    Novice or experienced are welcome.


    Choices of Surface
    Wood board (wood grain visible)
    Smoothed wood panel (white gesso surface)
    Yupo/Terraskin (paper like products, white surface, durable, can be trimmed, can be framed)


    Choices of Photographs
    You can use either colour or black/while photos, but the copied photo will be black/white. If possible, photos could be sent to me at
    4 or 5 days before the workshop. I will then print the images on to paper which will be used for the transferring process. You are welcome to send a few choices and I will bring various sizes and numbers of your images to the workshop, ready to be transformed into astounding pieces of art! During the workshop it will be possible to make copies as well, so bring your original photos.


    Phone or e-mail to book your workshop

    Phone :  705-790-3246

    Email :


    Class times available are:

    Wednesday 1:00pm to 4:00pm
    Thursday 9:00am to 12:00pm
    Saturday 1:00pm to 4:00pm

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