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Lucille Weber

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    I work intuitively, getting my inspiration from nature, people, places, events, moods and feelings, usually with some sort of vision, but no real set structure until I actually get started. I make spontaneous use of available materials and often incorporate elements such as sand, gel, pastels, pencils crayons, matte medium, screening, fabrics and foil papers to add interest and texture to my works.


    Lucille can vividly recall her first experience with painting, when she was just eight years old and living with her family in rural Bruce County. Lucille discovered her Great Aunt Irene’s paints in the attic but was dismayed to find the lids fused shut from years of neglect. Always resourceful she used a screwdriver to poke holes in the tubes to release the pigment; she was delighted with her success and the result was her very first masterpiece, which hangs in her studio today as a reminder of her creative roots.

    Lucille’s early exposure to the raw shapes, textures and colours of the landscape where she grew up helped nurture her artistic development, giving her the “eye” she now uses to view and fully absorb the elements she will apply to her next creations. She would attribute this intense connection to nature as the main source of her inspiration, along with everyday experiences and extraordinary events.

    Lucille encourages observers to view her work through their own eyes, without preconceptions; she loves to hear what others’ see in her paintings. Lucille intentionally prefers not to define her artwork and appreciates that everyone is entitled to their own personal interpretation.

    “Paintings that have a life of their own”

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