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Paul Morin

  • About

    Paul Morin's artwork has been exhibited in museums across Canada including The Museum of Civilization. With a freelance career that has spanned the past 25 years, Paul has also worked for major advertising agencies and publishers across North America.

    Since the release of his first book, The Orphan Boy (1990), he has achieved international recognition and his books are sold worldwide. His work has appeared in Newsweek, Maclean’s and in the Society of Illustrators annuals. His book work has won more than 25 national and international awards including Canada’s prestigious Governor General’s Award.

    Born in Calgary, Alberta, Paul grew up near Montreal, Quebec. After studying design at Grant MacEwan College in Edmonton, he went on to the Sheridan College illustration program in Ontario before completing his training at the Ontario College of Art. Since 1985 he has produced art installations, music CDs, and videos. He has traveled to Africa, Australia, China and throughout North, Central and South America to research the culture and settings for each story he has illustrated.

    Over the past decade, Paul has lectured on art, music and primitive cultures at conferences, schools and libraries across the country. His career has taken on a new dimension which allows him to incorporate his interests in travel, anthropology and mythology. It is traditional cultures that interest Paul because they are grounded in the importance of earth, spirit, harmony and wisdom.

    Paul lives in a cedar house with his wife Janine and sons Palmer and Kadin. His studio is located at the edge of a forest by a wetland near Rockwood, Ontario, Canada.

  • CV

    Art Schools
    1980-1981 Ontario College of Art, Painting
    1977-1980 Sheridan College, Illustration and Photography
    1976-1977 Grant MacEwan College, Design

    2006 When God Made the Dakotas, Eerdmans (Canada, USA)
    2002 What the Animals Were Waiting For, Scholastic, (Canada,USA)
    2001 Crocodile: Disappearing Dragon, Candlewick Press, (USA)
    2000 Panther: Shadow of the Swamp, Candlewick Press ,(USA)
    1999 At Break of Day , Eerdmans (Canada, USA)
    1999 Flags, Fitzhenry (Canada,USA)
    1998 Animal Dreaming, Fitzhenry (Canada), Harcourt Brace (USA)
    1997 Lasting Echoes, Harcourt Brace, Avon (USA)
    1996 The Vision Seeker, Fitzhenry (Canada, USA)
    1995 The Ghost Dance, Fitzhenry (Canada), Clarion (USA)
    1994 The Mud Family, Fitzhenry (Canada), Oxford (USA)
    1993 Fox Song, Fitzhenry (Canada), Philomel (USA)
    1992 The Dragons Pearl, Fitzhenry (Canada, USA)
    1990 The Orphan Boy, Fitzhenry (Canada), Clarion (USA)

    Music Releases
    2006 Talking Music, CD 56 min.
    2004 Why Myth Matters, CD 65 min.
    2002 East African Soundscape, CD 53min.
    2001 Naturescapes, Location recordings, CD,74 min.
    2000 When Once Was, Exhibition soundscape, CD,52 min.
    1998 Animal Dreaming, Handprints 3, CD,74 min.
    1997 Handprints 1,2 Collected works, 180 min.
    1996 When Paths Cross, Exhibition soundscape,90 min.
    1995 The Dragons Pearl, Theme for story tape,30 min.
    1992 Touch the Earth, Exhibition soundscape,90 min.
    1991 Faith & Deceit, Commissioned soundtrack,90 min.
    1991 The Orphan Boy, Theme for story tape,30 min.
    1990 Light & Shadow, Exhibition soundscape,90 min.

    Video Works
    2006 Why Myth Matters, DVD 47 min.
    2004 Incidents in Travel II, DVD 120 min.
    2003 Journey into the Orphan Boy, DVD 60 min.
    2001 Linger Longer, (abstract water studies) video, 26 min.
    2000 Unit I, Installation video, 135 min.
    1999 Rock Wood and Water, Installation video, 26 min.
    1999 Amazonas, Scenic montage, 50 min.
    1997 The Dreaming, Scenic montage of Australia, 30 min.
    1996 The Vision Seeker, Story and profiles, 26 min.
    1994 Incidents in Travel, Scenic montage of Southeast Asia, 90 min.
    1993 Touch the Earth, Portrait of installation, 15 min.

    Solo Shows
    2007 Landscapes Near and Far, Paul Morin Gallery, Rockwood ON
    2006 Landscapes, The Temple Gallery, Guelph ON
    2006 Undercurrents, Burdette Gallery, Orton ON
    2005 The Light Within, Wellington County Museum, ON
    2004 First Nations, Burdette Gallery, Orton ON
    2003 Rock Wood and Water, The Studio, Rockwood ON
    2000 When Once Was, Zero Gravity Gallery, Guelph ON
    1999 Voices of the First Day, Wellington County Museum, ON
    1997 The Spirit Wrestlers, Canadian Museum of Civilation, Ottawa ON
    1996 The Vision Seeker, Wellington County Museum, ON
    1996 Sound Sight and Appetite, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto ON
    1994 Incidents in Travel, Service Hardware Gallery, Guelph ON
    1994 The Mud People, Mables Fables, Toronto ON
    1992 Touch the Earth, Wellington County Museum, ON
    1991 African Images, Harrision Festival of the Arts, BC
    1991 Light and Shadow, Mables Fables, Toronto, ON
    1990 Labour of Love, The studio, Rockwood, ON

    Selected awards
    2003 Insights Award, Wellington County, ON
    1998 Society of Illustrators, New York
    1993 Society of Illustrators, New York
    1992 Ibby International
    1992 Canadian Library Association Book of the Year
    1991 African Images, Harrision Festival of the Arts, BC
    1991 Light and Shadow, Mables Fables, Toronto, ON
    1991 Canadian Library Association Book of the Year
    1991 Cleaver Award
    1991-4 CAPIC, 10 awards: Gold, Silver, Merit
    1990 Governor Generals Award, Illustration
    1990 Studio Magazine Award of Excellence

  • Classes & Workshops

    Paul Morin gives multi media presentations that can be customized to suit school curriculum with insightful programs on Africa, China, Australia, North, Central and South America, endangered animals and traditional cultures with a focus on the importance of biodiversity.
    School/ Workshop/ Library/ Adult sessions customized upon request. Please contact Paul for more informtion.



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