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    An exciting fibre design and fashion market . Shop for works produced by these talented designers & makers including many new vendors !

    Goshia Eco Designs : Natural dyed, eco-firendly collection hand crafted by Margaret Marcy - silks, cottons sumptious!

    Lil Tree & Me:  handcrafted clothing & dolls.

    Hides in Hand:  100% Canadian, from Rockwood, handcrafted products while keeping quality and tradition alive within the leather industry; protecting resources and animals to maintain renewable resources. 

    Fred & Bean "Up-Cycled" materials repurposed into apparel and duffels.

    Gail Backus is a fine artist working in a variety of media. Her Rare Threads collection transfers her art images onto a variety of wearable formats including scarves, tank tops, dresses, and kimonos.

    Svetlana's Creations: blankets, throws, bed scarfs, pet beds made in Orangeville from 100% genuine mega-chunky merino wool from Europe.

    Hildegarde Sausik Collection: an established fashion designer, Hildegarde has changed her focus away from the commercial market back to her roots by designing a Wearable Art collection made with natural fibers, some featuring hand-printing.

    Tres Bello: Fair-trade clothing and decor from Ghana, Equador and Thailand, plus local designs with an eye to comfort.

    Lumiscapes: unique lamps based on the original landscape paintings of artist Lonny Doherty.

    Nadine Nevitt: Pillows, prints and cards featuring original pen and ink designs.

    Olga Saras Couture Collection: garments hand made on vintage knitting and sewing machines in Loretto Ontario. Outstanding design and craftsmanship.

    DejaVu Design: funky & original skirts, dresses and bags made from upcycled and natural fibres by Laura Levitt in Hillsburgh, ON.

    Ben's Scarves: Unique scarves and wraps lovingly hand-knit by Benitta Wilcox.

    Plus ever-changing pop-up vendors - check out the latest at .

    Connect with our vendors and cut out the middleman - net sales proceeds go directly to the vendors.

    For much more info about our vendors and their products and the opportunity to buy on-line, visit .

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    New vendors welcome! Contact for more info.

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