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Shannah Rose

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    Timelessly elegant women’s wear is the idea behind Shannah Rose.  It is the belief that when one is dressed in a well-fitted, beautifully made outfit, there is an inner glow that shines through.  You don’t have to think about your clothes, you know that you look good.

    An important facet of Shannah Rose is the designer’s commitment to using natural fibers: cotton, linen, silk, wool, bamboo, and even lengths of certified organic tweed imported from the Isle of Mull in Scotland.  She feels that these breathe more easily, last longer, feel better on and are better for the environment.  She’s been pleased to notice that more & more people are requesting natural fabrics for their clothing. 

    Shannah’s designs are intended to be timeless, elegant and beautiful.  Each design is unique but adaptable to every woman’s individual shape.  Each item is handmade and proper fit is very important.  With a wide variety of fabrics in stock, items can be made to measure in a customer’s own choice.  Stop in and let us work with you to provide you with beautiful, custom made garments.

    Hours:                                                                                    Wednesday to Sunday  10am to 5pm.                        Other times available by appointment.                     Please call 416-830-0421

    Find us on Facebook:  Shannah Rose

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