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Wendy McLeod

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     Both saddened and excited....after 4+ years in Studio 210 at the Alton Mill we are off to the Big Blue Mountains of Georgian Bay.  If you wish to receive an invitation to the opening  in the Fall just e-mail and request to be put on the guest list!


    (If you'd like to rent Wendy's studio, please email margi (at) or call (519) 940-0935).

    An Eclectic Collection of Colourful Contrivance

            Unencumbered by formal instruction to impede her  compelling creative style, Wendy McLeod's art is a  combination of innocence and sophistication.    It is simple, raw, layered, and whimsically engaging.

              “Every piece is approached with humour,            and each image is formed on wood panel or board                                  using Milk Paint.”

    Milk Paint is an ancient organic paint containing basic ingredients including milk protein (casein), limestone, clay and natural pigments.  The long history of milk paint had its beginning thousands of years ago, as humans first began exploring ways to apply colour to drawings and crafted objects.  Ancient artwork found on cave walls and unearthed artifacts reveal the application of a form of milk paint on some of the oldest coloured surfaces ever documented, and was found on decorations inside King Tut’s tomb.  

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