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Headwaters Arts Youth Scholarship Award Ceremony

  • Sat Mar 29, 3 p.m. - 5 p.m.

The Headwaters Arts Gallery

Announcing our 2013 Scholarship Winners:

Dan Hill Music Scholarship:
Andie Trepanier

Karen Kain Dance Scholarship:
Nicolas Rodrigo

Paul Burdette Visual Arts Scholarship: 
Christine Skowron

Shelley Peterson Literary Scholarship:
Michaela Halifax

All 4 of our amazing winners will be present and showcasing their talents at the ceremony.  We will also have resumes from all parties for the presentation date as well. The Headwaters Arts Board of Directors will be presenting the awards to each recipient and talking about the importance of supporting youth in the arts in our community.  Don't miss this exciting event!

THe Headwaters Arts Youth Scholarship fund was founded in 2010 is funded by  the Caledon Councilors Community Golf Tournament. The fund has been established to provide financial assistance in the form of a scholarship, to enhance the education and advancement to students of the arts from High Schools within the Headwaters Region.