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"In Praise of Tom" Tom Thompson Style Trees in Watercolour with CJ Shelton

  • Sat Nov 02, 1 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Studio 206, Alton Mill Arts Centre

Paintings like “West Wind” and “Jack Pine” by legendary Canadian artist Tom Thompson of gnarled, wind-swept trees silhouetted against a crisp sky will be the inspiration for this workshop that combines watercolour with pen & ink to emulate his iconic style.
You will learn (or hone) various traditional techniques such as wet-in-wet, scumbling, blotting and sponging to create dramatic skies, lake and land scenes that will set the stage for drawing “Tom Trees” with pen & ink. Ancient pine and spruce trees, with perhaps a few splashes of colourful deciduous leaves mixed in are the secret to capturing the classic “Tom” look.
This workshop is suitable for both beginners and advanced students alike. Experienced students can bring their own paints and brushes. Paper and stretching boards are supplied.
PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. Contact CJ at 519-942-2018 or email
COST:  $90 + HST per person