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Introduction to The Way of the Wheel with CJ Shelton

  • Sat Feb 08, 10 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

Studio 206

PLEASE NOTE:  this introductory session is a prerequisite to taking the full Way of the Wheel Mentorship Program (see below)

This session provides an introduction to some of the core principles of shamanic tradition, a brief history and context for its practice in our modern society and will provide some simple but effective tools for connecting to Nature and the Great Wheel of Life. These include the concept of “journeying”, using natural objects as touchstones and working with animal spirits and other helpers.

The Way of the Wheel Program is designed to help you come into your own center and experience firsthand some of the core teachings of the shamanic way of life beyond just reading about them. If you already have a deep connection to Nature and more questions than answers about various types of spiritual “experiences” you may have had, then this workshop can provide some context as well as a greater appreciation for Nature and indigenous wisdom.

So what is Shamanism?  Shamanism is the world’s oldest spiritual and healing path. It is also a way of life, one that believes in living in balance and harmony with the natural world. In shamanism all things – stones, plants, animals and humans – are ‘alive’, filled with spirit and interconnected by energies that are all around us in both the seen and unseen worlds.

Why is it called the Way of the Wheel?  Teaching wheels or “Medicine Wheels” as they are traditionally called, are a holistic model used by many indigenous cultures and shamanic traditions as a guide for personal decision making, problem solving and accomplishing goals. A Medicine Wheel represents the alignment and continuous interaction of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realities. As such, it is a simple but extremely effective tool for promoting wholeness and healing. The Way of the Wheel is based on this tradition of using a circular map as a compass for navigating our earth-walk and spiritual path.

Who is this workshop/program for? If you are interested in shamanism, paganism or indigenous ways, are at a crossroads, are struggling with indecision or simply wanting to bring greater clarity and balance to your life that is more in tune with Nature’s rhythms and cycles, then this introductory workshop is a good first step. It will also help you decide if the full Way of the Wheel program is the right fit for your way forward through 2020 and beyond. To read more about the full Way of the Wheel program that begins in April 2020, click here to read more.

CJ Shelton is trained in traditional healing (shamanism) by Algonquin Shaman Pete Bernard of the 8th Fire School of Medicine Work. She is also a Reiki Master and holds diplomas in Social Service Work from Seneca College and Spiritual Psychotherapy from Transformational Arts College. CJ is also a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids. As an avid student of both Celtic and Indigenous philosophies she seamlessly blends these ancient traditions with elements of transpersonal psychology and psycho-spiritual counselling in her practice of shamanism.

COST:  $125 + HST per person
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