Make Your Own Halloween Witches Ladder with CJ Shelton

(), 2020

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Join Mill artist CJ Shelton and make your own Witches Ladder this Halloween!

Did you know that the origins of our much-loved Halloween are to be found in an ancient Celtic festival known as “Samhain” (pronounced ‘sow-oon’)? Traditionally celebrated around the first of November, Samhain marked the beginning of the dark half of the year, a time when the “veils between the worlds” were thin and spirits, ghosts and goblins could pass easily from the world beyond into ours. It was also a time for working magic and casting spells.

A simple form of spell casting was to weave a Witch’s Ladder, a talisman constructed from braided cords with magickal objects, feathers and other items woven or knotted into it. In this fun workshop you will make your own Witches Ladder using wool, ribbon, charms and found objects such as twigs, feathers, and other organic bits and pieces from nature. As you weave your ladder you can intentionally “cast” your dreams for the year ahead as well as other thoughts, prayers and spells into your magical creation.

The workshop will be rounded out with a short guided meditation and blessing. Your finished Witches Ladder can then be hung indoors or outdoors to help protect your home and send its messages out into the world throughout the coming year.

All materials are supplied although you are encouraged to bring one or two special tokens or objects that can be woven into your ladder.

materials suppliedPRE-REGISTRATION WITH PAYMENT IN FULL IS REQUIRED – Register at or email for more information. Please note that this workshop is not suitable for children under 12.

DATE:  Saturday October 31, 2020
COST:  $90 per person
TIME:  1-3:30 pm

CLASS SIZE LIMITED to 8 Participants

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