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Put your passport away! Gemma Jewellery is bringing exclusive American jewellery designers to you! Collections from 5 fabulous designers for 3 glorious days. Try on and see the works of: Marion Cage, Vicente Agor, Rona Fisher, Diana Heimann and Yael Jewels.

Marion Cage: Marion Cage McCollam is a designer who lives and works in New Orleans.  A practicing Architect and a graduate of Columbia University’s School of Architecture, she began designing jewelry in 2003. She has a passion for materials and combining them in unexpected ways; her approach toward design is such that she is never comfortable limiting herself to one scale or medium. The purity and elegance in her jewelry designs, often derived from forms in nature, is akin to a kind of fluid architecture...with the human body as its landscape.





Vicente Agor: As a designer, he is inspired by a variety of things that he encounters in his daily travels. Influenced by both personal history and world history - the ornament of architecture, the majesty of nature, he women who wear our jewelry. Add an affinity for the exotic and some major wanderlust, and you have the elements that fascinate Vicente and influence his designs. Vicente's jewelry collections are hand-crafted in the United States using noble metals such as 18kt gold, sterling or fine silver and accented with precious stones and colored gemstones.

Rona Fisher: Rona Fisher’s jewelry designs are inspired by rivers—especially the flow of water over stones—as well as the forms found in the ancient world. They are characterized by using asymmetry to create balance. Rona’s work brings these themes together, fusing an organic sensibility with a feeling of antiquity, giving the work an urban edge. In creating these pieces, Rona says, “I’m focusing on the feeling I get when in nature—particularly near a stream; the smell and sounds of fresh rushing water bouncing off of ancient rock formations is relaxing and energizing. In wearing these pieces when back in the city, I am reminded of and am compelled to share the feeling of balance and energy while living in the moment.”

Diana Heimann: Warm, inventive and complex, Diana Heimann's jewelry designs are the unique expressions of a lively creative talent inspired by art, architecture, nature and spirituality. With 18 karat gold, platinum, diamonds, pearls and colored gemstones as her palette, she creates rings, earrings, necklaces and other pieces that are wholly original. A hallmark of Diana Heimann's jewelry is intricate, hand-wrought detailing, often with floral motifs and ornamentation that evokes Renaissance art. Even when her work features large stones and bold shapes, it has a sense of lightness and balance that makes it eminently wearable.

Yael Jewels: Yehouda grew up in Iran and France, and was deeply influenced by these cultures and their distinct traditions. Born into a family of jewelry makers, Yehouda began his road in the industry as a young boy apprenticing at his uncle’s jewelry shop after his family moved to California. Using only the finest quality diamonds and metals, YAEL Designs produces some of the industry's most cutting-edge bridal jewelry. Exemplifying excellent craftsmanship, top quality and visionary design, YAEL’s handcrafted creations have won numerous awards, including the distinguished 2008 and 2009 AGTA Spectrum Awards with Business Daywear Manufacturing Honors and 2008 JCK Jewelers Choice Awards for Pearl Jewelry and Colored Stone Jewelry.
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