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Featured Artist in Noodle Gallery: Adele Webster

  • Sat Nov 06 - Sun Jan 02

Noodle Gallery

Featured Artist: Adele Webster
November 5th, 2021, January 2nd, 2022

Artist statement:

My work takes its roots in my graphic arts training and my constant endeavour to break images down to their most basic form to communicate clearly and precisely, but in the most beautiful way. I attempt to capture natures perfect landscapes and cloudscapes in a joyous and peaceful way using my love of colour and unique contemporary abstracted painting style.

The world can be a very busy and chaotic place. My hope is that these pieces will bring the viewer a sense of calm and perhaps the minimalist landscapes will revoke a dream like memory that one can escape into while enjoying the playfulness of the abstracted peaceful vista. Many of my pieces are created from memories of travel and happy times during childhood. A lot of my most recent collection was created during the pandemic where it has been impossible to travel. So, my muse has been many memories of wonderful holidays near the ocean and our beautiful Lake Ontario.

I layer washes of very diluted acrylic paint over each other. It’s not until the next day when the layer is dry that I will truly know the colour that will appear how it has settled into the colour below or the wood grain. I completely embrace this mystery and I truly look forward to walking through my studio door the next day to see what magic has taken place overnight. It takes a lot of patience and time, but I feel it’s worth it. My pieces are then covered with a high gloss resin that adds depth, richness, and makes the colours pop as if they are wet again.

Artist Bio:

Adele is a Resident artist at the Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning in Kingston, ON. Painting in a contemporary abstracted style focusing on gesture and color. Her work is inspired by natures landscapes, using a minimalist style she brings balance to decipher the everyday chaos towards calm. She intends to create a mood or evoke a dream like memory that one can escape into while enjoying the playfulness of the abstract peaceful vista.

Building many layers of acrylic washes over birch panels and allowing the wood grain to show through. Then finishing with a high gloss resin that adds richness, depth and makes the colours pop!