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Forms Faces & Spaces

  • Tue May 02 - Mon May 29

Falls Gallery

FORMS, FACES & SPACES, Exhibition in the Falls Gallery

Head To The Hills ... and take part in a month-long extravaganza of free arts & cultural activities with the ...

2nd annual FORMS, FACES & SPACES,

figuratively speaking!

proudly part of the 27th Scotiabank CONTACT Festival Exhibition

... the world’s largest photography event

May 3 – 28, Lower Sisnett Lobby, Georgetown & the Falls Gallery, Alton

A total of 39 artists from the GTA, Hamilton and further north explored the implications

of this theme with a range of interpretations that have yielded a rich and eclectic body of work.

From the abstract to surreal, impressionistic and realism, studio work, street photography, and

photographic art, the mix of photography with other fine art is energetic and exciting!