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Garden Prayer Stick Workshop with CJ Shelton

  • Sat Jun 18, 1 p.m. - 3 p.m.

Make your own beautiful garden art! The Indians of the Southwest make prayer sticks at the Summer Solstice to ask for supernatural aid or send prayers to their Creator God. The Navajo refer to these prayer sticks as ‘ke-tan’, or “place where it is feathered” because each stick has feathers attached to it to ask the bird spirits to carry the prayers and each stick serves as an offering and protection for the place where it is ‘planted’.

In this workshop you will paint and decorate your very own prayer stick with beads, feathers, coloured string, yarn, or cloth to symbolize different aspects of whatever it is you wish to manifest. As you work the stick will be infused with your special prayers or wishes. The prayer stick then becomes a form of garden art that can be ‘planted’ in your garden or a flower pot. This is a beautiful way to not only decorate your garden but to make special prayers and wishes at the height of Nature’s bountiful summer energies.

An enjoyable activity this workshop also makes a great gift or shared activity for Father’s Day, a way to welcome the Summer Solstice or celebrate Aboriginal Day on June 20

Visit CJ’s website for more information. COST: $55 per person (includes all materials) PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. Please contact CJ Shelton at