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Noodle Gallery: Play Up

  • Wed Feb 21 - Sun Mar 25

Noodle Gallery, Alton Mill Arts Centre

'Play Up'  
- To emphasize or publicize ie: She played up her experience during the job interview.

February 21st - March 25th 
Artist Reception on Sunday, March 4th 1-4pm. Come out and PLAY!

Featuring the highly creative, playful, humorous and whimsical work of Rob Croxford, Robin Davis, Dudeman, kukucaju, Bernice Lum, and Eric Allen Montgomery.

Rob Croxford's vintage-style work is instantly identifiable. It is quite playful, mostly clever, slightly twisted, and often has a "pocket-sized" political edge. Rob, is a professional artist/entertainer/activist/smarty-pants and is always looking for new ways to challenge and amuse.

Robin Davis was born a creator and builder. While her artistic life may have started in a way familiar to most crayon-wielding preschoolers, her art has evolved to a place where she now claims it as her passion. Her professional career started with children's illustration and art licensing, but her current endeavours now have her immersed in various forms of upcycled art, 3D sculptures and assemblage art, including her incredible found object robots built using reclaimed industrial items and rusty metal found objects.

With a rich history as a graphic designer and an extreme sense of colour strength, the artwork of Dudeman has grown into a powerhouse of visual stimuli mixing it up and incorporating years of sought-after style and artistic professionalism. Having shown his creative work in Noodle before, Dudeman is back with his ALL POWER - DudeCandy. Little globs of coloured gloss. Bang bang!

kukucaju paintings on wood is the small design studio of artist Judy Anderson. A graduate of the Ontario Colledge of Art and Design and the University of Guelph, kukucaju offers a candy coloured world of childhood phantasms and a realm of absurd anthropomorphism...

Maybe it was the pieces of brick she used to pick and eat off the side of the house or the colourful crayola crayons she would devour... who knows, but Bernice Lum always did what she wanted to do... so her mother says. And we're so happy she did! This creative dynamo is a talented graphic designer, illustrator and fine artist. Noodle is super pleased to bring Bernice's series of unique and interesting painted bowling pins to the gallery space for this upcoming exhibition...

Eric Allen Montgomery utilizes found, altered, and created STUFF to celebrate events, interpret themes, or to tell stories, real or imagined. Form and Function, Reality and Myth, combined with the expertise of a Craftsperson, aesthetic and philosophical explorations of an Artists, and the wit and whimsy of a Story Teller.

Today is gone. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one. Everday, from here to there, funny things are everywhere. - Dr. Seuss