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“Seed Dreams” with CJ Shelton

  • Sat Jan 07, 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Everyone has a ‘seed dream’ … whether you have already begun working on a special goal for the year ahead or are aware that one is just out there in the ethers, all it takes is setting the intention, planting the seeds, then nurturing that potential. Sacred geometry (certain universal symbols that are the language of the universe) is a powerful tool for ‘growing’ dreams when used as a visual creation matrix.

In this workshop with mandala artist CJ Shelton you will experience a beautiful guided meditation and set your goals while learning how to draw one of the most powerful patterns in sacred geometry. The result will be your very own and completely unique mandala design imbued with personal intentions for the year ahead. You can then meditate with your finished mandala or display it somewhere special to let it radiate your intentions out to the universe.

No artistic ability or experience is necessary as CJ gently guides you through an easy step by step process for bringing your intention mandala to life.

Includes art supplies, mandala making, companionship and mandala interpretation.

DAY:  Saturday January 7, 2017
TIME:  10 am- 3 pm with a short break for lunch
COST:  $80 per person

TO REGISTER: Contact CJ Shelton at 519-942-2018 or email