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What's Your Number/What's Your Word for 2019? With CJ Shelton

  • Sat Jan 05, 1 p.m. - 4 p.m.

Studio 206

This fun workshop with artist CJ Shelton will really start 2019 off right by giving you some fascinating creative tools to help determine what the best energies will be to work with throughout the year ahead.
If you aren’t familiar with the art of Numerology, it is a fun and magically accurate way of making connections between numbers, our personality traits and goals, as well as life events and circumstances. Similar to astrology and forms of divination, its focus is on how certain numbers support (or hinder) various aspects of our lives. By understanding and working with these different numbers (such as our Life Path Number, Personal Year Number and Universal Year Number) we can better navigate and manage our lives more effectively and with less stress.
This workshop will provide a brief introduction to Numerology and let you calculate the numbers you need to know for how best to achieve your goals and dreams in 2019. A short meditation on your numbers will then let you pick a strong and effective word (or two) to become your mantra and touchstone. You will then write out your word and “decorate” it using a fun and easy art method called zentangling (similar to the sample shown) or what is basically full-on creative doodling … but doodling with a purpose. No artistic skills are needed. If you can doodle, you can do it!
Affirmations and vision boards will only get you so far but understanding the energetic vibrations of your personal Numbers and your guiding Word for 2019 will have you “doing” your year ahead in a whole new way. You will leave this workshop full of positivity and armed with some very tangible navigation tools.
TO REGISTER: Contact CJ Shelton at 519-942-2018 or email
COST:  $125 + HST per person (includes all materials)
All materials included.
Pre-registration is required by emailing