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Mandala Manifestation Workshop with CJ Shelton

  • Sat Feb 01, 10 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Studio 206

Everyone has a “seed dream” … whether you have already begun working on a special goal for this year or are only beginning to be aware that a goal is out there in the ethers, this workshop will help you set the intention, take action, then nurture that potential throughout the year in a way that is fun, creative and incredibly life-affirming.

Sacred geometry (the universal symbols, patterns and proportions that are the language of the universe) is Nature’s own creation matrix and therefore a powerful tool for “growing” your dreams. The use of sacred geometry, the circular mandala format and Nature’s wisdom is the key to this workshop being a far more powerful process than creating vision boards which are little more than wishful thinking.

Through actively making and energizing a known manifestation matrix, aligning with Nature’s own growth cycle and creatively engaging in an artistic process with a wide variety of art materials (coloured pencils, chalks, pastels, etc.) your soul is given the opportunity to express itself. You are also able to visually see what rises up from your subconscious and open yourself up to input from the Universe.

In this workshop you will set your goals, experience a beautiful guided meditation and learn how to draw and embellish one of the most powerful patterns in sacred geometry – The Seed of Life. The result will be your very own and completely unique mandala design imbued with personal intentions for the year ahead.

No artistic ability or experience is necessary as CJ will gently guide you step-by-step in bringing your intention mandala to life. Sharing this experience within a small group also provides valuable feedback and a supportive environment as you learn about the power of sacred geometry and how to work with energy – yours, Nature’s and the Universe’s, to bring your dreams to fruition.

NOTE:  This workshop is Part 1 of CJ Shelton’s four part series on working with the Flower of Life, a powerful sacred geometry pattern that holds the secrets to manifestation.

Part 1 of this series, “The Seed of Life”, is offered  early in February. Part 2, “The Egg of Life”, is offered in the springtime, Part 3, “The Flower of Life” near the Summer Solstice and Part 4, “The Fruit of Life” in the autumn. Each session is designed to work in sync with and reflect Nature’s rhythms and the cycle of the seasons.

Even if you only take Part 1 of the series you will have a finished mandala that will effectively radiate your intentions out to the universe during 2020. If the group is interested in going further, the next three sessions will take your intention setting to the next level by working actively throughout the year with what you have set in motion. You will gain a much deeper experience by receiving CJ’s ongoing guidance and feedback plus the support and companionship of a like-minded group of fellow “gardeners” as the year unfolds.

In each workshop you will experience a beautiful guided meditation to “The Garden of Your Soul” that will help you nurture your goals, grow them and then harvest the wisdom of why they are (or aren’t!) coming to fruition the way you envisioned. At the same time you will also be sharing your process in the supportive environment of like-minded souls as you learn the sequential stages to create one of the most powerful patterns in sacred geometry – The Flower of Life. This group sharing is a vital aspect that provides ongoing support and encouragement, a missing component in many other goal-setting processes.

The result at the end of the series of workshops will be your very own set of completely unique mandalas that are both a record of your journey and a blueprint for future successes and understanding.

Visionary artist CJ Shelton has been working with mandalas and conducting workshops for over 10 years. She is a Certified MARI Practitioner (mandala interpretation) as well as a trained counsellor and therapeutic art facilitator.

All sessions include art supplies, mandala making, ongoing support, companionship and mandala interpretation.
COST:  $135 + HST per person (includes all materials)
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