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"Canada's most beautiful arts centre"

The Alton Mill is home to some 25 studio artists, unique shops , galleries, and a heritage museum, while the industrial-chic ambiance makes it the perfect venue to host your event . Built on the banks of Shaw's Creek, this national-award-winning heritage building is now "a jewel in the crown of the GTA's arts scene".

Come by and check out new artwork, workshops, shows, and more! 

We are open Wednesday through Sunday and Holiday Mondays from 10am to 5pm.

New Featured Artist in Noodle Gallery

Natasha Lehman is a contemporary artist with a free-flowing and gestural style. Her show Carry On is now available to view in Noodle Gallery. 

Lehman is inspired most by Canadian landscapes and represents them in oil. She accentuates the shapes and patterns seen in nature, then simplify the scene by taking out any extra noise or distraction. Often her colours used are not representitive of the scene - but rather the emotion they bring.

On the show Natasha says: "As we all navigate return to post pandemic life, the notion of carry-on kept surfacing for me as I was creating these pieces. The pandemic was a great pause to our normal lives, and on the outside, it may look like we have all returned to our prior lives, but so much has changed. For me, the pandemic was a huge shift personally as I became a full-time artist during the pandemic." 

Carry On will be exhibiting in Noodle Gallery from Wednesday, August 31st to September 25th.


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Caledon Music Festival at Alton Mill

This August Caledon Music Festival returned for a gorgeous afternoon of classical music. Our outdoor tented Annex swelled with the sounds of viola, violin, flute, and cello for an unforgettable experience. 

An article from the Caledon Citizen says: "During the intermission, the Citizen caught up with Caledon Music Festival organizer Terry Lim. Lim said he was very pleased with the turnout for the festival, explaining on the seventh he actually had to add more tickets than planned to meet the demand from people hoping to get a spot last minute. He said people were enjoying the music, and that he and the other performers wanted to bring a balance of strong, passionate music, and lighter sounds for a summer day... The acoustics at the Alton Mill concert location were great, said Lim, as the walls bounced sound off of them and created a church-like sound." 

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Three New Gallery Exhibitions

There are interesting exhibitions in all three of the galleries at the mill this month:

Noodle Gallery's featured show this August is "Freedom Flight"  by artist Ricky Schaede. This collection is a tribute to their Mother's life and memory. Reflecting on a new style of painting Ricky says: "Where I was once tight and extremely detail-oriented, I have become looser, more painterly, and more expressive, pouring my emotions onto the canvas. Please join me in celebrating life, love, and the beauty of the natural world." Come take in the beautiful and dynamic works today until August 28th!

Alton Mill Artist's show "The Artist's Journey" is in the Falls Gallery.

Headwaters Arts Gallery presents View Dignity

"View Dignity" is a solo exhibition by Ann Randeraad, Woodfire Clay Artist. “In our current social, political and personal environments, we are becoming ever increasingly aware of the dignity of all people and mindfulness of individuals, organizations & communities”, says Ann. 

Her recent collection of the latest functional and decorative works is her response to this important issue.

Spring 2022 Classes and Workshops

Learn a new skill, refresh your perspective, and imagine the world more creatively! As covid restrictions begin to ease, now is the perfect time to artistically reconnect with our community!

A few studio artists of the Alton Mill are now offering classes & workshops in a variety of mediums and themes, for beginners to advanced artists of all ages. There are new classes being offered weekly, don't miss your chance to sign up!


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Considering a Wedding at the Alton Mill?

The Alton Mill’s combination of art, heritage and modern amenities provides the perfect environment for a truly unique and beautiful wedding. Picture your guests surrounded by art in an industrial-chic, national award-winning restored heritage building, in an idyllic village setting overlooking a waterfall and 3-acre Millpond less than an hour from downtown Toronto! Our newly roofed annexed courtyard offers a magical setting for you and your significant other to say 'I do'. 

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