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"Canada's most beautiful arts centre"

The Alton Mill is home to some 25 studio artists,  galleries, a heritage museum,  café and unique shops,  while the industrial-chic ambiance makes it the perfect venue to host your event . Built on the banks of Shaw's Creek, this national-award-winning heritage building is now "a jewel in the crown of the GTA's arts scene".

We are officially open to the public!  Come by and check out new artwork, workshops, shows, and more! We are open Wednesday through Sunday and Holiday Mondays (including Labour Day) from 10am to 5pm. Capacity limits and safety protocols are in place.

Oct 17, What's on this week:  Wednesday, October 20 will kick off "Nature Inspired" , a family group exhibition featuring work by Lynda Lombardi, Dennis Halstead and Aaron Halstead in the Falls Gallery !   Headwaters Arts is continuing to exhibit  " Journeys,  Dreams and Fantasies  ” featuring Marnie Cooke, Susan Kelly and Jolata Jung, and will be running in the Headwards Arts Gallery until November 7.  Michael Compeau will be the Noodle Gallery’ s featred artist this month, exhibiting his collection "Everything Flows" until October 31. 



Journeys, Dreams and Fantasies

Three Headwaters Arts member artists, Marnie Cook, acrylic painter Susan Kelly, oil painter and Jolanta Jung, ceramic and glass, present an eclectic selection of over 30 works that capture their interpretations of the wild journeys, colourful dreams and whimsical fantasies.


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New Artists!

Meet our new artists!

We are pleased to introduce three new tenants who have joined us here at the Alton Mill during the Covid-19 Pandemic! We would like to introduce Johana Cordero, Lydia Panart and Jason Duclos.

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Classes & Workshops

Learn a new skill, refresh your perspective, and imagine the world creatively! Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, indoor classes are not able to run at this time, but we are now able to run outdoor workshops amongst this beautiful weather!. Plus, our creative artists and tenants are adapting with new virtual classes and workshops as well. Click to see what's being offered at this time, and ways you can learn something new this Fall.

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Welcoming Loom Studio

We have a new tenant taking over studio #211, Johana Cordero of Loom Studio! Loom Studio focuses on weaving and will be offering a variety of classes, whether you're an absolute beginner to the weaving practice or you already have some experience. Loom will have workshops for groups and even one-on-one classes.

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Considered a Winter Wedding?

Many wedding plans for this summer have been spoiled by COVID-19. We're getting close to fully-booked for 2021, but have plenty of dates available this coming winter! Check this out by a photographer from BC ...

"Cheryl and Dale’s wedding was the perfect way to learn to love (okay, maybe like) winter. The grounds at the Alton Mill Art Centre are gorgeous in the winter so I was thrilled that Cheryl and Dale wanted to do all their photos outside even though it was about -10 C on the day! Cheryl was even brave enough to go skating and play a little hockey while still wearing her wedding gown"

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