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Symbol Quest – Creating a Personal Power Symbol

  • Sat Oct 18, 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Studio 206 Dancing moon Designs

We are all familiar with the natural elements of Earth, Water, Wind and Fire but did you know that they also exist on the personal level within each of us, affecting our bodies, emotions, thoughts and actions every day? Come learn more about this ancient self-knowledge system based on the theory of the four elements and discover useful tools for helping you find balance in your life today.

In this interactive workshop you will take a magical journey around the Wheel of the Elements to discover your own unique elemental symbols. Through exploration of their deeper meaning there is potential for change, transformation and deeper insights. Once your symbols have been gathered, you will integrate them creatively into a single mandala or circular design (no artistic ability required). Like a ‘map’ this personal power symbol will be a visual representation of this journey of discovery. We are constantly being offered signs, symbols and synchronicities - clues from the ‘wheel of life’. The trick (and the fun) is deciphering it all!

To register contact CJ Shelton artist@dancingmoondesigns.caor call 519-942-2018